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Two Companies pacenses launched in a pioneering project: Production of paragraph A frame goggles Fully manufactured in Madeira. Early prototypes were presented at the Opening of the 40. Mobile Monday's Capital, Past Saturday, and marketing this product MAY ALREADY Begin Within hum Month.

The models paraded actor WERE By Nuno Janeiro, "Dancin 'Days" Who participated in the series "Strawberries with Sugar" and the novel, which marked the inauguration of the Fair Presence. ja the Secretary of State for Employment, Pedro Roque, took the prototype n Casa, praising the form of Being Entrepreneurs pacenses, What To respond Challenges Market Innovative Products pt. "Pacos Ferreira and um good example in the North," he said.

As Business Furniture Barbosa Neto EO Optical Center Good Picture allied His know-how to develop a new product and Innovator, and any county in the country. A Year and a Half There hum an idea Location: It was just ONE joke, says Sergio Barbosa, administrator Furniture Barbosa Neto, A COMPANY en Over 30 Years. "But we have IN norm in Opaque Our Company Location: No Impossible and WE Semper Open Challenges" he said. For IT, started developing the OS Prototypes armaçoes paragraph glasses Fully Wooden. In DECEMBER Past, found no center Optical Image Good Partner And Knowledge

That paragraph was missing End of developing PRODUCT. "Almost no PRODUCT WE end. Hum Month Within them we Wellness Production" Ensures Sergio Barbosa. "We are convinced it can be a product differentiator and Innovator, A pair added value to the Company. Ja International Customers Staying we admired," the businessman. Also The idea appealed to Alexandre Costa, Opaque IN thirst do group Opticians (Eight Stores not total) los Pacos Ferreira, JA matter ha few years stems in Madeira. "Our slogan is 'the optics of the earth' and SO A green product, produced in the Capital of Furniture and Wood seems to SOE A Surplus Value", the administrator of the Center asserts Optical Good Picture. "AND A Pioneering and Innovative Idea, That Make For Difference and What CAN LeVar OUTROS Region Entrepreneurs Think and Produce OTHER THINGS Besides the furniture, And What You Need Creativity is" Defends Alexandre Costa. These New Sunglasses "Capital of Furniture made in" Very "comfortable and lightweight", are now in the final stages of prototyping. Stop now, the station services produced them ebony and walnut, but may be Made them QUALQUÉR other wood. The final model must be submitted Within ONE MONTH Height them to be released OS prices Also this new frame.

ATE LA, WHO CAN DO THE peeking Want it not Ferrara Plaza, at the Fair of Furniture Capital of the OU in the windows of the Center for Optical Good Picture.


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