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Increase the chances of your friend returning home more quickly, in case he's lost.Qr collars have a qr code, which can identify him at the precise moment it is found.

If the person who finds him, allow his location, when accessing your buddies profile, an automated email will be sent to you with a link to google maps with the location of where the profile was accessed.

For those who are not familiar with the qr code technology or don’t have a qr code reader on their phone, there's a URL, near the code, with a specific number, that leads directly to your best friend profile.

Our service and online profile are completely free and you can manage all your data from the site, so that you can be contacted. If you want to keep anonymity, you can give our data and we will contact you as soon as we have any news.

When your friend disappears, an email with a photo and your contacts is sent to all vets, kennels and associations in the district where he was reported missing. If the person that finds him takes him to any of these institutions, people will already know that your friend is missing and will immediately contact you or us.

A photo is published on trendypaws’s facebook page, so that all the people that's connected with us can share it with their friends.

Unlike standard nameplates (engraved with the number), with our solution you can change your data in less than a minute if your number isn't availiable and won't need to depend on the ID that was engraved on the nameplate. Besides that, it can contain other necessary data about your friend, like relevant clinical data, or even offer a reward to the person who finds it.

And if the person who finds it doesn’t have money on its mobile to call you, he/she can send an email through the profile.


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