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Travessa da Portuguesa, 70, 2º, 1200 Lisbon, Portugal.

Joana Astolfi stirs the soul of cities. Reconstructs them. Trained Architect,  found her way across the architecture with art and design.

Founder of Studio Astolfi, the workshop is dedicated to architectural design, interior design, exhibition design, customization of furniture and creating unique pieces of author. Their creativity went to rehab a house in Melides, the project of a house in Vale Figueira, participation in the exhibition Inhabiting Portugal in 2009 with the play Recta Final, design and curating an exhibition for Nescafé, two facilities, 'The Talk Not Yet Arrived in the Kitchen 'and' To Be Great, Be Full 'in two new restaurants chef Zé Avillez in Lisbon, participation in the Lisbon Design Biennale with the installation' Most Things Relate When You Put Them in a Circle ' the design of 'Coffee Garage' at Teatro Taborda in Lisbon and the commissioning and conducting a series of objects and unique pieces of furniture. Since 2011 giving workshops in schools and academies of design - with the theme 'From Object - How to Resurrect Objects Joana Astolfi'.

As a traveler in your own city Joanna falls in love for the unknown objects, collecting antique doors and drawers, chairs and vintage lamps and even everyday people do not know. And the importance of these travel stores downtown, the bakeries, the joinery, stamps stores, drug stores selling everything from ancient hairdressers and gilders. This great looking the experiences of human beings who build cities, Joan collects the heritage of the human stories that elders have to tell, with large magnifying glass of the soul.

With a talent of excellence to raise spaces and objects 'sick' or obsolete, giving them new life, the stories tell themselves, always as a starting point and that in seeking a tension between the 'before' and 'after' . Through a creative process with humor and embraced the unexpected, celebrates imperfection error through their pieces, unique and exclusive praising the personal stories and ultimately transmitted from humans.

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