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SIMPLEFORMSDESIGN was founded in the beginning of 2004, as an ongoing project of two designers: Alzira Peixoto and Carlos Mendonça

Design, innovation, functionality and quality are the driving concepts in the creation and development of every new collection and every new product. In SimpleFormsDesign past and future, craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, tradition and modern design walk side by side, creating unique pieces capable of making a difference on their own. The resulting products are carefully conceived articles that blend into the contemporary environment, in many cases, rehabilitating methods of production that had fallen into decline.

Created in 2000, the BATH Collection (design by Alzira Peixoto and Carlos Mendonça) derives from a former project led by this design team to SIMPLEFORMSDESIGN.
BATH is both an innovative and functional collection of design pieces directed to bathroom areas: stainless steel accessories, wooden and stainless steel soap trays and boxes and natural brushes.
Integrated in the SIMPLEFORMSDESIGN project, the CORK Collection incorporate Portuguese traditional materials in bold new design creations, bathroom oriented cork objects comprise this collection: wash basins, soap trays, storages and bath mats. Despite being such a traditional material, cork is employed in a very innovative and unexpected way. The choice of this material is by itself a major innovation. The main options are for two kinds of materials: agglomerated cork and rubber-cork composite. These products have a finishing that provides them with the wear and tear protection they need for everyday use.

Whishing to look over different areas at home, PORCELAIN Collection is inspired in the combination of two opposite materials, such as porcelain and natural cork, and also in the pleasure of being at the table, tasting and socializing. Giving more emphasis to small and individual pieces, it invites each one of us to make its own arrangements, and enjoy our own tastes.
HOME Collection is a furniture line designed to fit in any home division, ideal for a whole range of storage requirements.

It’s worked in a clean and depurated way: Its versatility derives from the various sizes and models available blending with all contexts.

SIMPLEFORMS has also being creating a whole structure to respond to each time more projects in theCONTRACTING area.


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