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Povo de Qurença 8100-129 Querença, Loulé

"The project is an initiative Querença rescue mission or territorial (territorial rescue) of territories in critical condition, severely affected by desertification and abandonment of its capital, natural, social and productive, and increasingly dangerous near thresholds irreversibility of development. "

The Project is Querença oriented low density rural areas, villages, towns or groups of towns, and variable geometry according to an analysis of the adequacy of existing resources and potentials available. This has a fundamental purpose, namely, to extend the range of possibilities in these territories and in critical condition, while promoting the employment of young graduates in precarious employment status, using for this purpose an innovative regional approach, creativity dynamics which sets inside that newly licensed university population.

The Project Querença has a general motto: from theory to action, learn to take; this is an action-rider problem-solving, research and action

group dynamics. The project was designed in late 2010 with the aim of boosting the interior of the Algarve region, a different approach to intervention, and support the employability of young graduates, through the search for sustainable solutions to stimulation of endogenous resources and the creation of employment opportunities . in 2011 has begun its implementation, focusing on two main promoters: the Foundation Viegas Guerreiro Querença, constituted as a direct promoter of the project, and the University of Algarve. Has, since inception, with the support of the Municipality of Loulé, the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training and the Parish Council Querença. Joined later support of CGD, Portugal Telecom, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Honda SA.

The Mission Team, consisting of 9 graduates of the University of Algarve, was formed in June and in September began their experience of 9 months in the parish of Querença, the village where they moved and settled. To this young team was assigned the challenge of meeting local resources (natural, rural, cultural, social), study them, test them and work them in a perspective of sustainable recovery and monetization. Organic farming, ecotourism, sustainable gardening, use of new technologies, creativity, are just some of the methodologies and techniques in use to generate ideas that ultimately may arise in projects economically viable. If so, the first step is devoted to a possible recovery in this rural area and to slow human reoccupation of the same. These are the reasons anchor this initiative.

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