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Pedras Salgadas Eco Resort

The Stones Salted spa & nature park, is a set of 4 star resort, situated in the north of Portugal within 580 meters of altitude, in full Salted Stone Park, belonging to the municipality of Sabrosa, between Vila Real and Chaves. The 1:10 a.m. m away by car from the city of Porto, the Stones Salted Park has 20 acres with five miles of paths that lead to the discovery of its intricacies. Here all the energy emanated by nature intact. Salted stones was indeed on the path of royalty holiday. Today this delightful spa town became a destination 'fashion'.

The power of water and the natural beauty of the park to attract the tourists, who come from all over the world. Located in the heart of the park, meddling with the natural environment, the seven Eco Houses are elected, as the ideal proposal for your stay. The architecture of the Andrade responsibility of Luís Rebelo, is modern in both its volumetry as in interior decoration.

The Eco Houses include inside edge technology and a fully equipped kitchenette, and a spacious outside deck. The Thermal Spa was renovated by architect Siza Vieira, offers a wide selection of massages, spa treatments and aesthetic, sharing their areas with a magnificent indoor pool with water circuits, sauna and Turkish bath. To savor the delicious and authentic delicacies of the cuisine Behind the Hills, we invite you to visit the restaurant's terrace "Tea House", with a privileged view to the charms of the park. Due to its history and wealth, passing through the park Stones Salted follows a natural course, where a visit to the hot springs becomes inevitable. A beautiful and imposing mall's main park, which tells many stories, allows us access to other facilities also available: outdoor pool and its bar snacks , mini golf, playground and pedal boat on the lake.

The genesis of the "Stones Salted spa & nature park" within a beautiful nature, place it among the prime destinations for a family retreat or professional, full of purity and a relaxing environment that breaks the stress of everyday life. http:/ /

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