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Nutrally Gummies

We believe gummy candies can be a lot more than just sweets or treats! As a "processed" food, it is possible to include in the candy formulation some ingredients with high nutritional profiles (such as vitamins and minerals) or with specific functionalities (such as a smaller impact to the glycemic index).

With this Crowdfunding initiative we want to involve you in the process of change, and to make part of the history of this new concept of gummy candy.


  • Sugarfree
  • Less calories
  • Natural flavours and colorants
  • Natura sweetner
  • Vitamins and minerals!

More information

To know more about our project and concept please check our website at www.nutrally.eu.


1. How will my money help? 

Your money is not a donation, it is an investment! The goal of this Crowdfunding is to support the 1st launch of our product, the Nutrally Gummies; so we can test this concept on the market, with the consumers.

2. What is the type of funding?

This is an “all or nothing” Crowdfunding. We require at least €5,000 in order to pay the basic expenses of the launch, logistics and promotion.

But if you want to directly invest in our project and idea, please contact to [email protected].

3. How are the gummies be produced?

Our team has made the formulation (food design), and the product will be manufactured by an industrial partner in Europe.

Clipping (some news about our project)

  • Programa "The next big idea", SicNotícias: CHECK HERE
  • Programa "Mentes que brilham", Porto Canal: CHECK HERE
  • Caderno "Dinheiro vivo",  JN/DN: CHECK HERE
  • Programa "StartUP", Canal UP: CHECK HERE

Rewards (more details)

  • All contributions will receive PDF of our infography, a questionaire made to young students about their health concerns regarding gummy consumption.
  • Shipping outside Portugal is not included, but we will check with each contributor the better solution.

About Nutrally

In October 2011 two young researchers, not resigned to the economic crisis, had decided to launch a project of food science innovation. Both microbiologists with experience working in functional foods, they have developed and tested their ideas in incubation at the Catholic University (Porto, Portugal), and have already the support of other specialists, in areas such as nutrition, food engineering and biotechnology.

Now, they have decided it is time to put to test their concept, get out of the lab, and to apply food science in behalf of the consumer.


website: www.nutrally.eu
email: [email protected]
mobile: 935.811.944


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