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AuditMark, Edifício Central da UPTEC, 98-99 Rua Alfredo Allen, 455 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

JScrambler was created by AuditMark, a web security company in Porto, Portugal. In 2009, while developing a web traffic audit mechanism that was JavaScript dependent, we realized the need for client-side code protection. Since there were no obfuscation products like JScrambler available, we met the need and created it ourselves. Today, we continue to research and develop novel obfuscation techniques that are concise, reliable and secure.

The  Technology    

Sadly, most products designed to protect JavaScript rarely go beyond simple regular expression transformations. However, JScrambler is a JavaScript interpreter and parsing engine that creates an Abstract Syntax Tree representing your source code. Because JScrambler understands your JavaScript, the protected code executes with the same functionality as the source. This approach allows the product to be maintained easily and affordably, permits it to evolve naturally, and provides it the ability to produce enterprise-class security and anti-debugging methods. JScrambler is robust, and the option to transform your code between reducing its size and protecting its logic makes it the most complete and sophisticated JavaScript obfuscator on the market.

JScrambler is currently the only solution that not only protects desktop web applications, but also secures HTML5, mobile, and web gaming applications. Protecting applications like these requires thorough testing and advanced source code analysis in order to yield precision optimizations that 1) run well under limited resources, 2) do not degrade performance, and 3) execute flawlessly in an environment guaranteed 100% compliant with all browsers and platforms.

Continuous Innovation

The web is very dynamic and today JavaScript is used in ways we couldn't foresee. Here at AuditMark, we believe the future of computing lies with applications that load to the browser and execute locally. We work diligently to offer protection that is lean, sophisticated and stable; all without compromising your source code or interfering with its functionality.


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