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It was the union between art and recycling that was born IDICT, a jewelery brand created by a young Portuguese who, from the materials used, makes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories. Aiming to overcome unemployment and at the same time cultivating a long-standing concern with the environment, Anabela Marques launched his own business and is already thinking about expanding it abroad.  per Catarina Ferreira  Although the importance of the sustainable options have together forever, only in 2011 the project took shape IDICT.

"I started experimenting with materials at hand in order to create accessories," says the young woman, 30 years old, graduated in Visual Arts and Painting and natural Évora, in an interview with Good News. "I was following my personal taste, the taste for art ... in terms of materials, they were interested in me and reused technique, the result had to be innovative, because otherwise it would not make sense," said Anabela. Also during that year, the enterprising Portuguese was in Barcelona, ​​Spain, to do a postgraduate degree in design at the School of Fine Arts and eventually participate in the Urban Craft Market Portuguese Spanish that city, where he sold "the first brooches made From packaging caps, buttons, magazines and other things found ". "It went very well!" he recalls. Arrival in Portugal, unemployed and willing to continue the work he had begun, decided to invest in new experiences, these experiences culminating in technique that uses today to create your jewelery ecological. But ultimately, what materials are the basis of these unique fashion accessories? "I use transparent PET plastic, packaging, paper art magazines and outdated ancient and contemporary mass-based glue to fill the parts," reveals Anabela, stressing that each earring, bracelet or necklace is "entirely manufactured" and therefore only. 


The artist serves up "magazines tinha the house" and other "courtesy museums" to build their jewelry, to pass the plastic is VERY vezes "provided by vizinhos and friends", and m instead of the colocarem in ecoponto, let preferem it to the door of his home, hoping to see em Parts will turn up.

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