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The Comcortiça is a company created by two sisters, Rita and Susan that through his family are related to the branch of the cork.

Leveraging its formation, the first degree in Public Relations and Advertising Law and the second will have your own business, launched Comcortiça.

 The company was born this way in September 2006 and is structured course with a strategy for quality and innovation.

The Comcortiça has a line of products, including handbags, wallets, agenda, cases and other accessories made of cork, and combined with other materials. These combinations have allowed the company to develop models of modern bags for different targets, primarily for public Portuguese and, later expanding to outside Portugal.

The fact that cork is a green product, biodegradable, waterproof, elastic, washable, lightweight and sturdy allowed the development of a strategy for the quality of a Portuguese product and without harming the environment.

Cork is a product from the cork oak - Quercus Suber. This must be removed in 9 of 9 years and a product injurious to the environment.    

Comcortiça accessories are all made in Portugal. Cork is applied a fabric lining that makes it more elastic.

The Comcortiça sells its products through stores, stands in fairs and shopping malls, Internet and catalog.

Currently Comcortiça in Portugal has exposed its products in more than 70 stores and exported to Germany, France, England, Belgium and the United States. 

The purpose of Comcortiça is to make a difference since cork is a 100% National 100% and 100% Natural Original!

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