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The loss of agrobiodiversity, worldwide, is of the order of 75%,
second study by FAO in 1984. The Portuguese situation contributes
certainly for this panorama, taking into account the number of varieties
disappeared in recent decades of our gardens and orchards. We
point to several reasons for this situação.A widespread use of hybrid seeds in agriculture contributes
to increase poverty varietal and also for the dependency of
farmers: due to the degeneration and loss of vitality of these natural
once the second generation seed, its annual purchase becomes necessary.
The current behavior of farmers who fail to collect seeds
their cultures, preferring to buy the beautiful packages that captivate
with photographs and promises of good crops, is another of these razões.Por other hand, agglutination of small seed houses, usually
by the multinationals, drastically reduced the supply of
regional and traditional varieties, as these have no
economic interest in a globalized system. Therefore, nowadays
they are cultivated varieties throughout the world, it adapts
These, of course, the all weather, soil types and microclimates
Existing. Consequently, they need a wide range of biocides
to complete its cycle, thereby contributing to the effects
well known pollution at various levels, and the reduction of
alimentarAs quality varieties that undertook a journey over countless generations
to reach us, have been carefully designed and monitored,
often at great sacrifice, by our ancestors. Are
our most precious inheritance, they are living in seed form, are
our past without which life would not exist for us. We must therefore
to continue this legacy that has been so generously granted,
sowing these varieties, giving them life and usefulness, and thus can
be viewed with pride by those who came before us, and also by
generations vindouras.OBJECTIVOS ASSOCIATION: - Invert the current situation of continuing loss of biodiversity
agricultural genetics, through the collection, cultivation and cataloging
traditional varieties still existing;

- Train and encourage farmers to collect their annual
own seeds, as well as encourage their return, assuring them
independence and autonomy in terms of sowing;

- Contribute to the knowledge of our heritage vegetable, promoting
and participating in conferences and trade shows with exposure of seeds, leading
the theme where needed;

- Promote the use of traditional varieties in organic farming by
these are best adapted to the local culture and have fewer
phytosanitary problems;

- Encourage the use of neglected vegetables for greater diversity
food and cooking richer, attractive and complete;

- To acquaint young people with the heritage passed down to us by
our ancestors, because each seed has a journey and a story

- Defender food security continues to sow our
traditional open pollinated varieties, perfectly adapted
to their home environment, to the detriment of current practices that use
hybrid seeds and, at worst, or transgenic seeds
genetically modified.


To achieve these objectives, which are in the interest of all of us, is
requires the contribution of many people.
In what way?

- By entry as a partner;

- For the supply of donations or in kind;

- Volunteering in several areas: the administrative, research and
field work, collecting and propagating seeds, inventorying,
other areas related to the activities of the association;

- Being a member of seeds guardian: committing to multiply (s)
variety (s) who sponsor, returning part of their association
annual harvest, duly selected. This member must have attended
prior to a training workshop on collection, characterization and
propagation of seeds. The socio guardian is mentioned in the book
breeder seed varieties as they patronize.


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