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Sea turtles are known to exist for more than 150 million years, since the time of the dinosaurs.

Yet the actions and activities of man are causing the decline of all species of sea turtles by pushing them to the edge of extinction.


ATM objectives are centered on five main areas of intervention:


1 – Conservation actions: to protect, develop, promote and support activities in all countries of the CPLP (Confederation of Portuguese Speaking Countries), which aim at the protection, conservation and research on the five species of sea turtles (Chelonia mydas, Eretmochelys imbricata, Caretta caretta , Lepidochelys olivacea and Dermochelys coriacea) that occur in those countries, and the protection of the ecosystems on which they depend.


2 - Awareness-raising actions: to promote public awareness and campaigns regarding the risk of extinction and the importance of the preservation of sea turtles, nesting beaches and marine ecosystems on which they depend.


3 - Intervention in the scientific area: to support and foster research on the various species of sea turtles; To promote the exchange of scientific information between countries of the CPLP, thus contributing to a greater scientific enrichment of all parties; To contribute to the production and dissemination of scientific content related to sea turtles and related to sustainable preservation and conservation of the ecosystems.


4 - Cooperation for development: to support and cooperate with similar associations in the countries of CPLP and with the authorities concerned; boost cultural activities among the countries of CPLP that enhance international cooperation in the defense of Sea Turtles (also extended to other countries whose ecosystems are intertwined with these), provide scientific and technical assistance to local authorities and groups in the field for protection of sea turtles; foster the exchange of teachers, researchers, conservationists, volunteers and students between countries of the CPLP.


5 - Cooperation on education, training and introduction of sustainable practices: promoting the teaching, education and culture through awareness of the local populations regarding the importance of sea turtles and the importance of environmental protection and conservation, with special focus on actions and activities on schools   and foster training programs for fishing communities, to implement more sustainable practices and fishing techniques that may help in the conservation of sea turtles; job creation associated with the active protection of Sea Turtles contributing to the social integration, employing local people in protection and surveillance of nesting  beaches.


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